When do I need to test my gut health?

The body is speaking to us all the time with different signs and symptoms and sometimes it can be difficult to interpret what it is trying to say. Here’s a little overview on when testing for your microbiome and gut health may be indicated.

The benefits of doing microbiome (gut) testing

In this video, we explore the benefits of microbiome (gut) testing that is individualised to you and your DNA and RNA.

What is causing my digestive upset?

Learn what factors can contribute to digestive upset and what you can do about it using natural medicine and functional medicine testing with Preventative Health Solutions.

The Viome Gut Intelligence Test

Learn how to understand your microbiome needs and support your gut health naturally by using food as medicine and functional medicine testing, with The Viome Gut Intelligence Test.

My intention for my clients

Intention is a powerful energy force, here I share with you what my intention is when working with you.

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