Naturopath, nutritionist

What happens in a consultation?

In a consultation I work with you to identify the underlying cause/s of your health concerns by investigating your signs and symptoms, your health and lifestyle goals, past medical history, family history, and body system function including; energy levels, stress levels, sleep quality, immune function, reproductive health, lifestyle habits, digestion, and diet. The information gained is compiled together like a jigsaw puzzle to help make sense of why the existing concern/s have occurred and to make a plan on how to restore your body back to its optimal function.

I then create a report for you with the recommendations I’ve made based on your individual needs and this may include any of the following; dietary support, supplements, lifestyle, resources, further investigations, and a follow-up review time.


Your one-on-one consultation will often include a combination of:

  • Detailed medical case history, health time-line and ‘matrix’ look at your health history
  • Diet Analysis
  • Blood pathology review – or Non-medicare pathology request form for further investigations into your health or other functional medicine testing as indicated.
  • Strategies and preventative health solutions to help you achieve your health goals and maintain optimal well-being.